24/7 Security & Protection At A One Time Cost

Strong & versatile door jambs to keep dangers out, and you safe!
How Strong Jamb Works

Repurpose; reclaim; replicate; replace!

Any decor, almost any size or age -- You can repurpose any door to the StrongJamb system!
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Why StrongJamb?

Perfect For Most New To Historical Residential Buildings

StrongJamb is a security door jamb system that is perfect for most new to historical residential buildings.

One Time Cost

Unlike other security options, StrongJamb is a one-time investment that offers true security to your home.

24/7 Real Security

The StrongJamb is designed as a solid structure so that your door cannot be jimmied, crowbarred, or kicked-in.

Guided Installation

We offer video and written installation instruction for contractors and DIY which solves every installation issue.

Any Type Of Trim

Any type of trim, in any material can be applied, matched, or recreated. Even if you need trim made from granite!

Aesthetically Pleasing

Many people worry that strong jam will make their home ugly. However, StrongJamb isn't visible once installed. It isn't an attachment, bars, or visible add-on to make you a target.

How Does StrongJamb Make Me Safer?

StrongJamb's component design lets you have as many locks and bolts as you may need. Some can be hidden or put into a different location on the door panel but still have the 3/16" steel plate. That same component design allows for unique door panels that may be thicker, or taller, or wider to be cradled in the unique security system only StrongJamb can give. And steel, wood, fiberglass, old or very old doors can be strengthened and secured with StrongJamb. The laminated substrate structures are water resistant and shockproof. Metal plates at the lock set and the hinges make the opening crowbar resistant, can't be jimmied and stops most blunt force impact. StrongJamb makes every doorway a physical barrier that protects you and your family.

How StrongJamb Works

Our Detailed Instructions Make StrongJamb Easy To Install For Contractors & DIY-ers

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