How StrongJamb Works

1. 3/16" Steel For Lock Sets

The decorative hardware covers the steel so nothing detracts from your beautiful door and nothing gets through your door that you haven't invited in.

Schlage Security Hardware

One of the nation's leader in commercial, residential, decorative and utility handles and lock sets. We have them all from simple to complex.

2. Trim Pieces / Component Design

Easy to install, hard to damage; Natural or stained, any wood species; Jamb structure adaptable to every application and all trim pieces are easily replaced.

3. Steel Hinge Plates and MDO Substrate

Functioning as the backbone of the security system, the steel plates and laminated substrate (MDO) perform four critical jobs:

  1. 1. Solid structure saves time and money during installation.
  2. 2. Guarantees attachement to house framing for greater security.
  3. 3. Component nature means every door panel, new or old, is a viable option to use.
  4. 4. Creates a physical barrier that cannot be jimmied, crowbarred, or kicked-in. 24/7 protection at a one time cost.

4. Rot-Proof Threshold

Endura Z-Line.